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A deposit is required to confirm a reservation. The amount of the deposit is specified on the confirmation message. The following payment methods are available: by credit card (the amount will only be charged in case of cancellation) or by bank transfer (with no additional costs to the beneficiary) payable to the account indicated. In case of late (deadlines according to the confirmation message) or partial deposit payment, we can not ensure that we will be able to accommodate your room request(s).



A booking will not be considered firm until payment and receipt of a deposit. Up to this point our offers and confirmations are non-binding!


Cancellation policy The following cancellation charges apply:

  • no charge if cancellation occurs at least 60 days before expected arrival. There will be only a service charge of € 15,- per cancelled room, which will be charged to your credit card.
  • 50 % if your cancellation occurs within 30 days before the date of arrival
  • 80 % of the total price if cancellation occurs within up to 11 days of arrival
  • 100 % of the total price if cancellation occurs within less than 10 days of arrival


In case of an earlier departure we will charge the full price of the remaining nights less 20% for the costs of breakfast and taxes. This rule applies only if you are paying rack-rate and is not valid for reduced or special rates. For your own sake, we highly recommend purchasing a cancellation insurance, early departure as well as health insurance. We would be delighted to assist you in doing this.


There is a special cancellation and deposit policy for groups (more than 5 rooms) and for travel agencies or companies. We reserve the right, to change this policy at any time.


Our rates

include all taxes, fees and service charges. Valid until revocation.


Balance of the room charge

To avoid additional charges, please, make your full payment on the spot, by cash and in Euro. If you are paying by Eurocheque card or by credit card (Visa & Mastercard) the additional costs will be charged. Of course, you can also transfer the total balance in advance. Other requests require the prior written consent of the parties involved.


Food and drinks

Please note that it is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the hotel. You can purchase drinks at average prices at our bar anytime, and bring them to your room. Snacks are also available for between meal times. Preparing food and drinks or using immersion coils or other cooking equipment in your room is not allowed for obvious safety reasons.



We do not assume any responsibility for thefts. We recommend purchasing insurance for this.

Furthermore, contract is subject to the terms and conditions of the Lodging Contract Terms Of Austria. Place of jurisdiction for all disputes is always Zell am Ziller.



A-6290 Mayrhofen, phone: 0043 (0) 5285-62603, Fax ext.: - 33 - Impressum according to the law could be found on the Germand site!